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DELTA 14-651 Professional 1/2HP Bench Mortising Machine review

Delta 190x300 DELTA 14 651 Professional 1/2HP Bench Mortising Machine review

Customer reviews:  DELTA 14 651 Professional 1/2HP Bench Mortising Machine review (3.5 / 5)

The DELTA 14-651 is an easy to set up and operate 1/2HP Bench Professional Mortising Machine. As its name suggests, it has been designed to be used by professional users. A hand lever that allows for multiple positions and a rotating mortising head is featured by this machine for complex off-table projects. Smooth mortises can be punched in a variety of stock, such as hardwoods, using this bench mortising machine and this makes it worth having in any woodworking shop.


Probably no other machine compares to the DELTA 14-651 bench mortising machine for accurate, precise mortising, especially within the price range of $300 and $400.


This DELTA 14-651 1/2HP Bench Professional Mortising Machine has been designed for professionals who frequently have to drill mortises. This drill has a drill bit and hollow chisel combination that can drill a hole and can square the corners in a single easy operation. A set of four bits and chisels also come with this machine, so woodworking professionals can get started. For professionals who desire precise results, this is something that will ensured by the quiet and smooth operation of the 1/2-horsepower induction motor.


Adjustable Height & Rotating Head
Delta 2 300x294 DELTA 14 651 Professional 1/2HP Bench Mortising Machine reviewIt will prove to be very easy to set up the 14-651 bench mortising machine thanks to features like an adjustable rack-and-pinion fence and a 3/8-inch-capacity easy-access drill chuck. The capacity of this mortising machine can be increased by 1-3/4 inch by using a height attachment. If more height is needed, simply the head of this machine should be turned degrees, which will make it possible to mortise off the table.The efficient rack-and-pinion system will make it possible to engage and release, while a dovetail option that is adjustable is also featured on the head for complicated jobs.

The lever can be locked down and is so long that extra will be gained that will be required to mortise, particular hard woods.Robust MotorA 1/2-horsepower, 60-hertz, 120-volt, single-phase induction motor power this

DELTA 14-651 bench Professional mortising machine, as a result of which burn-feed, smooth-sided results are featured. A feed speed of 1,725 RPM is featured by this mortising machine while the feed lever can be adjusted to multiple positions to achieve the right position for a job. In addition, the depth stop, which is adjustable, can also be locked down, so there is no need to be concerned about cutting too deep. Moreover, bit/chisel changing is simplified by a chuck key and/or hex wrench.

Stable & Sturdy
Stable and sturdy, the dimensions of the DELTA 14-651 bench mortising machine are 22.4 inches x 18.6 inches x 16/4 inches (W x H x D), while it has a weight of 77 pounds. The cast iron base that is also included with this machine has dimensions of 16-3/4 inches x 13-1/2-inches.

Extra Accessories
This mortising machine comes with 4 mortising bits and chisels, a head stabilizer, a riser block, and a tool-and-chisel holder.


— Drill chuck is easily and openly accessible for bit changing
— Large cast-iron base has center through hole
— It is possible to turn the mortising head column and remount it for off-table mortising


Overall, most of the buyers who have used the DELTA 14-651 Bench Professional Mortising Machine claim that if they ever need to replace it, they will buy it once again. Even though it has been designed for professionals, apparently even serious hobbyist users will find it equally useful. The easy assembly, good fit and finish, and impressive performance of the 14-651 have also been praised.


One particular negative comment that a few buyers have had with this mortising machine is that once the 2-inch column lift has been installed, the machine a bit less sturdy. The machine becomes less stable because the fence is raised off the table, but some blocks can be fixed under the fence to fix this small issue. Other than this, the DELTA 14-651 will live up to its name.


Based on the reviews of the 208 customers that reviewed this lathe machine on Amazon, it currently has an average score of 3.4 stars out of 5 stars.  Click here to read more customer reviews…


The bottom line is that DELTA 14-651 1/2HP Bench Professional Mortising Machine will prove to be integral for boat and furniture building, cabinetry, and woodworking. It is indeed a smooth, solid, and stable mortising machine, and even though it is a bit expensive than other mortising machines available on Amazon, the DELTA 14-651 will not disappoint.

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