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Powermatic PM2800B 1792800B Drill Press Review

Powermatic PM2800B 300x300 Powermatic PM2800B 1792800B Drill Press Review
Customer reviews:  Powermatic PM2800B 1792800B Drill Press Review (5 / 5)

Use the Powermatic PM2800B Drill with adjustable speeds written by: Muchomba Every person working in the wood work industry desires simple machines that offer excellent workmanship. Just like other machines from Powermatic, the PM2800B is designed to offer amazing experience in your workshop. It is an automatic drill press that holds your pieces of timber firmly in place as you drill holes in them. In addition, it has the option of adjusting the speed of the spindle.

Price range

You can order for yours today and get it tomorrow. It will cost you from between $1,200 to $1,450. This depends on whether the product is new or used. Most outlets will not charge any extra fee for shipping. But even if they do, it is negligible and you will not regret this new addition to your workshop. From its benefits that you will achieve, the price is nothing to draw you back.

Who would buy?

The Powermatic PM 2800 B is an ideal must have for anyone in the woodwork industry. This includes workshop technicians and makers of office furniture and household furniture. Additionally, it can be used by commercial builders of infrastructural timber designs. In addition, the ordinary person at work can own a piece of this great invention from Powermatic. In general, all carpenters should possess multiple speed drill.

Variable speeds

It has variable speeds without you necessarily changing the belts. This allows you to achieve a variety of work on the wood pieces. This ensures that you can choose the flexibility of work that you want. If you are a fast person, you will be able to work fast. At the same time if the job requires slow movement, you can adjust the speed on the LED control to suit your work. The LED lights also provide excellent lighting for you while at work.

Achieve repetitive actions

If you want to do the same action to different pieces of wood, the drill allows you to set the desired actions. These actions are quite quick and save you energy. It comes with a material stop that is adjustable to achieve this desire.

The main features and specifications

. When you make one rotation of the handle, the quill will travel some 6 inches
. There is a digital readout that allows you to change speeds according to the work you are doing.
. It weighs some 266 pounds
. The dimensions are 58 inches by 26 inches by 15 inches.


Doing woodwork with the Powermatic PM2800 B is very rewarding. The fact that it is easy to use means that anyone can successfully operate it. In addition, you can read the safe use and instructional manual that accompanies it.

The base where the press of the PM 2800 drill sits on is far much bigger than the base of standard drill presses. This gives you more room to work with woods of bigger dimensions. In addition, it comes in a more attractive finish.

Its dimensions are neither too big nor too small. This means that it should fit in virtually any workshop. In this regard, ensure that you consider the length of the wood pieces that you will be working on. This helps in determining where to place the machine.


There are few known demerits of the Powermatic PM2800B. However, as you start using the drill, a horrible rattling sound will be produced. This can be quite annoying. But you can fix the problem by simply tightening the loose bolts. The other drawback is that the quill does not flow smoothly on the travel of 6 inches. With proper adjustment, it will become smoother.

Customer reviews & scores

Most customers who have bought it before have applauded the machine. They say it is excellent in operation and requires only one to two people to assemble it. Some have ordered it and got it delivered in a couple of days, sometimes a day before the scheduled date. In this regard, it attracted four 5-star reviews on Amazon.

Similarly, the reviews indicate that it is an all round drill with unlimited capabilities. However, some have indicated that the manual does not give too much detail. They argue that it should have included pictures of the drill being assembled. However, this is not a problem for experienced carpenters and technicians.  Click here to read more customer reviews…


Due to its considerably medium size, the Powermatic PM 2800 B is preferred to other drills that are too big. With a bigger base, it provides a nice platform to drill the woods. It is highly rated by past customers, making it a reasonable buy for you.

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