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Rockwell RK7033 Shop Series Drill Press Replaces RK7032 Drill Press, 10-Inch Review

Rockwell RK7033 300x300 Rockwell RK7033 Shop Series Drill Press Replaces RK7032 Drill Press, 10 Inch Review
Customer reviews:  Rockwell RK7033 Shop Series Drill Press Replaces RK7032 Drill Press, 10 Inch Review (4 / 5)

The era in which you had drill holes on metal, wood or plastic while expending a lot of effort is long gone. If you had a large project that entailed cutting holes into wood, then you would be in trouble then. These days all you have to do is get the Rockwell RK7033. The drill press will make drilling holes on surfaces so much easier, and faster. You can save your energy for other things.


The Rockwell RK7033 is a great tool to have for your workshop. Considering the amount of work you can do in a shorter amount of time, the price tag is worth considering. This drill press comes with a price tag that usually ranges from about $232.89-$312.59. To make matters better, you can purchase the drill press and get free shipping. It just depends on how smart a shopper you are!

Who Would Buy This

Who is most likely to benefit from the Rockwell RK7033? If you work with plastic, metal, or wood at a professional level on a small or moderate scale, you may benefit from having a drill press of this nature.

This piece of equipment is also a handy thing to have around your home workshop. Whenever you want to drill holes on the plastic, wood or metal surfaces that will be used for your home construction or remodeling projects, this RK7033 drill press from Rockwell, will make things much easier for you. You do not have to worry about using caveman tactics to create the holes you desire.

What a Performance!

When you are considering a drill press, performance is a factor that you should be on the lookout for. The RK7033 Rockwell drill press will give you what you are looking for. The 6.2 amp press has a 2/3 HP motor and 5-speed gearbox. These features enhance the performance of the equipment by making it powerful and dependable. The five settings can be adjusted to work on the wood, metal, or plastic surfaces without you missing a beat.

Great Adaptability

When you are working in a workshop, you will always be dealing with different surfaces depending on the project. The last thing you want is a rigid drill press that limits your work. The Rockwell RK7033 has adaptable features. In addition to the multiple settings for performance, you will be able to take advantage of the 45-degree bevel left and right. Using the drill press will be convenient and practical regardless of the project in which you are involved.

The rack and pinion table also enhances the adaptability capabilities of the RK7033 Rockwell drill press. These can be adjusted to suit different heights. Bending overly just to reach certain surfaces you want to create holes in will not be a problem any longer.

The Rockwell RK7033 Features and Specifications

The drill press from Rockwell is a 10-inch one, which means you can create deep holes when you need to.

The drill press has a 6.2 amp and 2/3 HP motor. These help enhance performance capabilities of the equipment.

A 5-speed setting within the Rockwell drill press optimizes the performance of the equipment in varying surfaces like wood, plastic, and metal.

The 45-degree table bevel to the right and left with a 2-inch spindle travel enhances ease of use and convenience.

The keyed safety switch enhances safety by preventing accidental starts.

Pinion table and rack is adjustable for different heights.


The features of the Rockwell RK7033 make this piece of equipment beneficial. The major benefit is the adaptability of the drill press. This is due to the height adjustment capabilities as well as the table bevels right and left at 45 degrees.

Another advantage of the drill press is the optimized performance capabilities available due to the multiple speed settings. Different surfaces can be drilled optimally just by adjusting those settings. The motor type also enhances the dependability of the drill press.


The major con of the Rockwell RK7033 is that it comes disassembled. However, there are instructions to help with assembly. Instructions are also available online. At times, the chuck key may be missing. A replacement can always be obtained from the retailer though.

Customer Reviews and Scores of Rockwell RK7033 Drill Press

On Amazon, the Rockwell RK7033 has so far managed to garner 10 reviews. The average rating from users is 3.9/5, which is quite good.


When looking for a drill press for home use or small commercial scale use then the Rockwell RK is the best option. The great performance and high adaptability capabilities make this piece of equipment a handy tool for any lover of wood, metal or plastic.

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