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Shop Fox W1668 3/4 HP 13-Inch Bench-Top Drill Press Review

Shop Fox W1668 155x300 Shop Fox W1668 3/4 HP 13 Inch Bench Top Drill Press Review
Customer reviews:  Shop Fox W1668 3/4 HP 13 Inch Bench Top Drill Press Review (4 / 5)

The Shop Fox W1668 13-Inch 3/4 HP Drill Press happens to be a 12-speed oscillating sander, which like its predecessor the Shop Fox W1667, can be utilized for effective contour sanding. Since it comes with greater capacity, greater power and greater speeds, the W1668 becomes an efficient tool for robust use. There is a clearance hole on the table that can be utilized while sanding. A port to collect dust has also been incorporated into this clever design so that less of a mess is created while sanding. In steel alone, the W1668 has drilling capacity of 3/4 inch, which means that almost any drilling job can be tackled.


Within a price range of $450 and $500, the Shop Fox W1668 Drill Press provides plenty of “drill for the buck,” as one buyer claims.


The Shop Fox W1668 is among the wide array of drill presses that are offered by Shop Fox to suit all sorts of needs, from professional machine shops to small hobby shops. For hobbyists and/or professionals who have a concern for and a shortage of space, the ease of two machines is offered by this unique oscillating model in lesser space. Unparalleled versatility is offered by this particular drill press from Shop Fox. Those who are in need of the best array of features and value with a drill press, they will not have to look any further than the Shop Fox W1668 Drill Press .

Tilting Table

With the Shop Fox W1668 13-Inch 3/4 HP Drill Press, the table can be tilted 90 degrees to either side, whether the left or right. The height and tilt of the table can be adjusted so that special drilling and/or sanding angles can be achieved or work-piece height can be accommodated. The table can also be moved as a result of which the drill press base can be used as a table on which drilling or sanding can be performed.

Oscillating Feature

The sanding capability of the W1668 drill press happens to be among among some of its great features. With just a couple of steps, without the use of any tools, it will not take more than a few seconds to convert the drill press so that it can be utilized for sanding operations instead of drilling operations. The heat that is built up during operation will be reduced by the machine’s oscillation feature and when sanding, the result will be a smooth finish. A three-piece spindle drum kit is included in this drill press, along with an 80 grit sanding paper and a mandrel so that 1-inch drums, 1-1/2-inch drums and 2-inch drums can be fitted.


— With sixteen different speeds, the best one can be chosen, depending on the job
— Easy access is provided to the quick adjustment motor mount by hinged metal belt and pulley as a result of which rapid spindle changes are allowed
— The quick release clamp of the crank-operated, rotating, tilting worktable allows for accurate and quick adjustments
— Depth in inch/mm is displayed by the depth stop and its quick set bolt allows for accurate and quick adjustments
— The ball bearing of the spindle has been constructed to be heavy-duty and long-lasting
— The spindle return spring with adjustable tension is perfect when drilling needs to be done repetitively at a constant depth
— Additional visibility when drilling and sanding is provided by a work light that has been built into this drill press


According to several buyers, finding the right drill press that was right for their budget was not an easy task, whether they looked for one online or in person. However, that was apparently until they found this Shop Fox W1668 Drill Press. Most buyers were more than satisfied with this drill press since it really works well.Most buyers were happy with their purchase of the W1668, especially after using this drill press for metal and wood, in which case it worked accurately and really well. The easy and straightforward instructions it comes with have also been praised since it takes no more than thirty minutes to assemble it.


The only complaints that a buyers had with this drill press is that assembling the drums for us takes a bit of time. It may also not be wise to use too much pressure against it when sanding, although the oscillating feature has still be appreciated and praised.


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For hobbyists and/or professionals who do plenty of drilling or have to make big holes in woods like hardwood or pine, this Shop Fox W1668 13-Inch 3/4 HP Drill Press happens to be an ideal choice for them. Perhaps the fact that this drill press can be converted into an oscillating spindle sander is the best thing about it.

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