JET 354170 / JDP-20MF 20-Inch Floor Drill Press Review

JET 354170 230x300 JET 354170 / JDP 20MF 20 Inch Floor Drill Press Review
Customer reviews:  JET 354170 / JDP 20MF 20 Inch Floor Drill Press Review (4.5 / 5)

Need the best drill press brand and deal? written by: Muchomba Well, one only has to look at the professional or the home wood workers to have a clear idea of the JET 354170! The jet is a 20 inch floor drill with an adjustable tension spindle and an in-built lamp-with the lamp; you can work anytime of the day! The jet is powered by the 1-1/2HP motor giving it 12 speeds which can be used for any task. The interesting bit is that the jet comes with a two year warranty.

Price range

Before letting you know about the price, it is worth noting that the product comes with free shipping! That notwithstanding, it only take a maximum of two days to process your order. Lastly, depending on your shopping destination, you can get the JET354170 at a range of $1,099 and $999.0!

Do I need the JET 354170?

The JET354170 is a favorite tool for professionals in drilling plants such as ductile or hard solids. In addition to that, this is a common tool in workshops such as garages or wood stores –generally any store using handy man skills! The 354170 drilling jet can also be used for domestic use, domestic use? Well, it can be used to perform tasks such as drilling wood, aluminum or steel especially when putting structures up in your home.

Key features

Well, the drill press can boasts of great features such as;

The working table

The table comes with a clamp that allows for quick releasing not forgetting that it has a 45 degree edge tilting capability! The fancy thing about the JET354170 is that it has a smooth table reducing cases of injuries. In addition to that, through turning of the crank, you can lower or raise the table to your ideal position. The big size of the table-18 inches by 16 inches is another great thing to smile about!


The motor

The fascinating thing is the power of the JET354170 motor; it can run 115 volts outlets. In addition to that, through its capability of running 230 volts, it can give a 12 speed drill with a range of 150 to 4,200rpm. If the speed is too high or too low, flip the metal cover, Secondly, change the belt to the ideal pulley and you are on the right track again!

Other features and specification of the jet include :

· Strong ball bearings and spindle.
· The tension spindle return spring can be adjusted.
· Drilling capacity: 4 inch of mild steel or an equivalent of 1.8 inch of cast iron.
· Size of the table: 18 inches by 16 inches
· Lastly, an MT-34 spindle taper

Advantages of the JET 354170 drill press

The JET354170 comes with an adjustable tension spindle spring and strong bearings. This allows for manipulation of the drilling speed-you can fix a low or high speed at ease. This is further supplemented by the strong parts of the jet making it to withstand heavy weights.

Secondly, the big size of the table gives JET354170 an upper hand. More on the table, it can tilt, lower or rise to the ideal position making working easier and fun. The table parts are supported by strong bolts which serve two things; you can dissemble the table for greasing and lastly, the table is not likely to fall off due to heavy weight!

Lastly, the warranty is another advantage. It comes with a two year warranty not forgetting that repair and other minor services are offered by the company-you only need to get on their help line!



Am not sure of whether this is really a disadvantage but some customers have complained of its weight in their reviews. It is true the jet weighs 325 pounds but this has its advantage too! To start us off is the fact that it is able to stick on the right position without swinging. Lastly, Amazon offers free shipping to your door step!

Customer’s scores and reviews

From the Amazon and other website reviews, it is evident that the jet has received more than enough praises. Many customers praise its size, material and speed. Some of the scores it have hand include, friendly price, free shipping and its great performance. However, some customers have underscored it arguing that it is too heavy, but with the free shipping one ought not to worry about the weight.  Click here to read more customer reviews…


The warranty, adjustable spindle taper and its size places the JET354170 on its own rank. One can purchase it online (Amazon) as it comes with free shipping. Definitely the strong bearings and the adjustable tension return spring are thing to smile about!

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