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Jet JDP-12 12-Inch Drill Press with Digital Readout review

Jet JDP 12 300x300 Jet JDP 12 12 Inch Drill Press with Digital Readout review
Customer reviews:  Jet JDP 12 12 Inch Drill Press with Digital Readout review (4.5 / 5)

The Jet JDP-12 Drill Press is a popular drilling machine in the 12-inch segment, currently most online stores having it depleted of stock (or low in stock) due to high demand. The machine features a compact design which facilitates transportation as well as an industrial-quality 5/8-inch chuck which is ideal for completing larger drills. It can be used successfully for residential use and even for small businesses. Build quality is not one of the best in the market but customers are tempted with a very competitive price and top functionality. A 3-year limited warranty is also included.

Price Range

The price for Jet JDP-12 Drill Press differs from one store to another, but it is usually situated in the $359 – $500 range. Depending on the popularity of the product, producer may choose to supply limited-time promotions and discounts but price may also increase due to currency fluctuations. Nevertheless, shipping is also important and some online stores provide free shipping in this aspect.

Who Would Buy This Product

The Jet JDP-12 Drill Press was created for anyone which needs to benefit from high-quality and specific drill holes. Woodworkers and people who work in a craftsman shop can make maximum use of this product but small businesses such as car repairs or local factories can also take advantage of it. The JDP-12 works great thanks to the specific components that it features, including a LED work light and a clear linear scale. With the aid of these anyone can utilize it with minimal hassle.


A Classy Drill Press With Industrial Duty Chuck

This model features an integrated 5/8 inch chuck handle which is ideal for drilling larger holes. Nevertheless, it is still precise at the same time, benefitting from a clear linear scale which shows the user exactly where the depth stop is and when the liner should continue no more. Smaller holes can also be created on demand, users benefitting from readout exactly on the integrated digital display. Such addition makes the drill suitable for small or medium workshops.

Maximum portability thanks to compact-top design

The Jet JDP-12 has been designed in such manner as to comply with the latest industry standards in terms of portability. The machine weighs only 88 pounds and measures 20x11x28 inches, fact which enables owners to easily carry it from one place to another. The electric cable is also long enough as to not pose any problems in the event that the nearest outlet is at 3-4 meters distance.

Main Features and Specifications

– compact bench-top design for easy transportation
– industrial duty chuck of 5/8-inch size
– digital readout featuring spindle speed for more accurate drilling
– LED work light to increase visibility
– clear linear scale featuring depth-stop characteristics


The Jet JDP-12 is an ideal drill press for those who are on a budget and are looking for maximum portability and operational comfort. The press is certified to comply with latest industry standards, hence the reason why it is suitable even for smaller-sized businesses. The consistent drilling depth assures smoothness of the process from beginning to the end, users having the possibility to conduct larger drills as well as to verify spindle speed on the integrated digital readout.

Another notable characteristic of this unit lies in the LED work light, which serves the purpose of illuminating work piece for better and more convenient handling. This is topped by a clear linear scale which improves drilling depth and an overall compact design of the unit which makes it ideal for those who travel a lot. The unit can also be corded to a power supply extremely easy. Comes complete with a 3-year ltd. Warranty.


The only fault of this product would lie in the lower-quality materials used for its production, mostly plastic and cheap aluminum. Nevertheless, this helps lower down unit’s price to the point where it’s affordable by most customers. It also helps cut down the weight of the machine, making it more suitable for tradesmen who are supposed to travel often. The unit does not balance nor provides false readouts, in spite of its cheaper construction.

Customer Reviews and Scores

The Jet JDP-12 counts a total of 47 customer reviews on Amazon. When put together, the average star rating for this product is of 3.5 stars. Main complaint lies in build quality, yet there are numerous clients who praise device’s functionality and portability. Most people would recommend the product to a friend.  Click here to read more customer reviews…


The JET JDP-12 is an affordable drill press which represents a good buy for home users and even for smaller-sized businesses such as workshops. It comes complete with a digital readout feature, LED work light for increased visibility, an industrial-range chuck for drilling larger holes and a clear linear scale for precise drilling depth. Also features a convenient bench-top design which makes it easy to transport from one location to another.

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