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JET JDP-17DX 17-Inch Wood Drill Press Review

JET JDP 17DX 300x300 JET JDP 17DX 17 Inch Wood Drill Press Review
Customer reviews:  JET JDP 17DX 17 Inch Wood Drill Press Review (4 / 5)

The JET JDP-17DX Drill Press has a number of notable features which come in a user friendly parcel in the form of this machine. JET, the leader in tools and machinery production has pulled up this old machine into one that better suits the woodworker of today. With a number of speeds to work on, a thoughtfully designed table and different switches for laser systems and work light bear ample testimony to the fact that JET has paid adequate attention to the needs of its customers.

Who would buy this product?

As already mentioned, JDP-17DX has been designed for the modern day woodworker. The machine caters to the craft needs of both a beginner as well as a professional woodworker and both of them can adequately benefit from it. The poly V belt drive system which makes it free of any vibrations and its work light that provides direct lighting on the workpiece makes JDP-17 an easy to use machine for amateurs and pros alike.


This versatile and user friendly machine can be purchased from various online stores and you can expect to pay anything between $600 and $650 to make it yours.


Notable features:

1. Big motor and cool Belt Drive

JET JDP-17DX drill press has a stout 3/4 HP TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) motor which runs on 115 Volts. JET is known to rate its motors using a continuous cycle of operation so that the rating adequately conveys the power delivered. The JET JDP-17DX has a tool free belt tensioning system on which the motor is mounted. It also has a pair of locking knobs and a one hand tension control in the Poly V-drive belt. This style of the belt lasts longer due to smooth running with nearly no stretches and slips.

2. Lots of speeds.

Changing speeds has been made simple by the poly V belt. The JDP-17 has a broad range of RPM from 230 to 3,630 divided into intervals of 16 steps each. The 16 speed choices are due to a set of three stepped pulleys each of which has four positions. Various speeds are generated by moving the belts among the pulleys steps. A large sticker spells out the belt positions related to each of the 16 spindle speeds which eliminates the need to remember anything.

3. Other features:

· Dual laser guide system provides a continuous drilling crosspoint on the workpiece.
· The extra large work table with dimensions of 14”X18” has twin T-slot grooves for homemade or miter jigs. The table also has a lip designed edge to easily clamp the workpiece.
· The hinged metal belt and pulley cover allows easy access to the motor mount for a quick adjustment of spindle speed.
· It has an integrated worklight.
· The spindle consists of high quality ball bearings to last long.
· It features a clutch type drill stop to regulate the depth of drilling.
· The drill handles can be placed on either sides and hence both right and left handed operators can work on t.
· As with all other JET products, the drill press comes with a 5 years warranty.


Weighing over 250 lbs, JET JDP-17DX will not move anywhere unless you do it on purpose. It is capable of handling rigorous drilling and heavy workpieces without the slightest movement.

One of the major non-mechanical advantages of JDP-17 DX is its large work table. The generous 14”X18” work table that tilts at 45 degrees to left and right impresses woodworkers who wish to carry out large projects on it.


Few downsides of the machine reported by its users are difficult to align laser and sluggish spin down. Effects of both these cons associated with the machine can be limited with regular practice on the machine. Besides these two insignificant limitations, there has been no quantifiable flaw reported in the machine.

Customer reviews and score:

JET JDP-17DX has been reviewed by 11 customers on Amazon out of which five of them have rated this with 5 stars, four with 4 stars and one each with 1 and 2 stars. This brings an average rating of 4 stars out of 5.  Click here to read more customer reviews…

It shall not be an overstatement to say that JET JDP-17DX Drill Press is a versatile and solid piece of engineering which comes at a surprisingly low cost. Workpiece illumination coupled with the unshakeable body and extra large work table makes it ideal for novices as well as seasoned woodworkers desirous of some intricate craftwork.

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