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SKIL 3320-01 120-Volt 10-Inch Drill Press Review

SKIL 3320 01 156x300 SKIL 3320 01 120 Volt 10 Inch Drill Press Review

Customer reviews:  SKIL 3320 01 120 Volt 10 Inch Drill Press Review (4 / 5)

Skil 3320-01 is a small benchtop drill press with capabilities of handling a wide range of drilling tasks. Designed by SKIL, Skil 10” relies on 120 volts and most importantly, it is easy to fix also easy to use. It’s incorporated with a laser which is quite beneficial when it comes to drilling small holes.

Price range

This bench top drill press is reasonably cheap when compared to the quality of work one can accomplish using it. In many stores, the price ranges from $ 125 – $ 180, with a few upmarket stores retailing at up to $ 200.

Who is Skil 3320-01 designed for?

Credit to its durability and impressive performance, Skil 3320-01 is a perfect tool for home shops with limited spaces and small garages and basements with medium to heavy usage and with few personnel to work on it. This bench top drill press can be used to drill holes to practically all types of woods. Carpenters, masons and even plumbers find it quite resourceful as it is easy to fix and use. In addition, it’s designed in a manner to provide the user with safety when operating it.


Key features

Power and variable speed

Skil 3320-01 is incorporated with a decent 3.2 amp motor designed to provide power needed when drilling a hole on to an object. The power system has adjustable speed pulley system which is located just above the motor. Simple realignment of drive belts on the pulleys significantly adjusts the press to five different speeds. The speeds are measured in Revolution per Minute and include:
· 570 RPM
· 900 RPM
· 1390 RPM
· 2050 RPM
· 3050 RPM

This feature is quite essential when drilling using different bits, and bit sizes on different materials. Usually, there is a drill speed chart that users are supposed to refer to when working on different materials based on the bits they are using to drill. The belts are manually operated and hence require no specialised skill to adjust them

Adjustable work table/surface

The work table on Skil 3320-01 is built from a mechanical cast iron plate and is easy to move up and down just by moving the crank handle fixed on the support column. In addition, the working surface can easily be tilted right or left up to 45?when drilling angled holes. Also, the work surface table is designed to enable one use a variety of clamps and fences which use slots.

Other main features

In addition to the two features discussed, the following features are also a catch to many users:
· LaserX2™ laser system- this is meant to help users with hole alignment,
· Variable speeds,
· 3.2 Amp motor,
· 0- 45° right and left tilting work area,- for accurate angled drilling,
· keyed chuck – designed to accept bits with larger diameters specifically designed for woodworking and cutting.
· Depth adjustment mechanism – to enable the user easily control the depth when drilling.



Skil 3320-01 is built with quality materials that are similar to ones fixed in larger and more expensive drill presses and hence enables one top enjoy the services they could be enjoying if they were using those larger drill presses. In addition, it’s cheap and more suitable to people with workshops with limited spaces and few operators.

This model of bench top drill press is designed with a nice and large front paddle that is fixed with on/off switch designed to enhance safety. The safety key enables you to prevent occurrences of accidents especially to areas flooded with children. Credit to where the on/off switch is located, it’s easy to spot it unlike in other drill presses where you have to literally search for the switch.


The laser that comes with this benchtop drill press tends to blow up within a short period of time. Given that there are holes that one has to depend on the laser for accuracy and precision, without the laser in place, it can prove difficult doing an accurate job. Fortunately, the laser can be replaced and all one requires is a tool to strip the wires and a means to stick the wire where they are supposed to be; soldering being the best option.

Customers Reviews and Scores

Based on the reviews given by customers in Amazon, most of them found Skil 3320-01 worth investing on. Most of the customers were impressed by its functionality and ease to use. Many concurred that the bench top press. On a scale of up to 5stars, the drill scored 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.


Skil 3320-01 without doubt is the drill press for many light home users. Conveniently, the drill press only requires little knowledge to operate it and credit to its safety feature; it’s safe to use it anywhere without worrying of someone getting hurt or injured by it. In addition the laser beam provides one with a guideline enabling him/her produce accurate holes. Finally with this drill press, regardless of the material you have, you can make precisely any type of hole you desire.


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